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GMOM joined MAYDAY.US CEO, Zephyr Teachout Jan. 21, the 6th Anniversary of Citizens United in Chevy Chase, to honor Senator Jamie Raskin for his leadership on the Democracy Amendment.  After showing the film Pay2Play, GMOM advocated and petitioned for passing the bill. More at

Surprise Attack on Maryland Resolution

Read Bob Guldin’s article in the online Amendment Gazette, 9/27/2015


Dist. 20 Sen. Jamie Raskin promotes his “Shareholders United” bill and “Democracy Amendment” resolution to our Annapolis Rally/Lobby Day crowd of 100. Below, MCA and GMOM activists brief before lobby visits. See photos, coverage, clips.


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NY Times warns of “Corporate takeover of the First Amendment
Corporations increasingly seek to recast the First Amendment as protecting their rights and interests over those of “natural persons” (See Resources).

Why Conservatives Should Oppose Corruption

A recent article in the National Review explains why conservatives must oppose special tax breaks for special interests, corporate welfare, and similar government favors for the rich and well-connected. This important piece by National Standard columnist Jay Cost speaks to the issue of how the amend movement can appeal to conservatives regardless of party affiliation or independence – something we’ve often talked about in MCA.

More Recent Best Articles:

2014-7-04MCA-TP-paradeEmail us for info or to join the MCA Yahoo list for regular notices, news and actions. Sign our petition (now over 200 signers) . See more photos.

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MCA Party Helps Stamp Out Corruption

Sept. 18, MCA supporters enjoyed lively discussion and tasty treats as they stamped anti-corruption messages on U.S. currency (PDF flyer).
Every dollar stamped and spent will reach 875 people on average.  If you stamp 5 bills a day for a year, that’s over a million people who will see the stamps! Special thanks to Capital City Cheesecake, Mark’s Kitchen, and ice cream king, Ben Cohen, who co-founded Ben & Jerry’s and the Stamp Stampede movement (click to order your stamp today!)


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March with us July 4th

Sat. July 4th, please march with us in the Takoma Park Independence Day Parade. Just meet at our banner (above) at Division 5 staging area on Boyd Avenue just off Carroll Avenue between 9 and 9:30 A.M. It’s near Historic Takoma, where we’ve been meeting. All main roads around the parade route will close at 9:00 a.m. The parade will begin at 10:00am and be completed by Noon. See Map, Participant Directions, Flyer, and please note:

  1. It can be hot and sunny. Wear light clothes and a hat. Bring water.
  2. Feel free to dress up, and bring signs and other decorations.  We will be carrying our big banner that says “Get Big Money Out of Elections.”
  3. Car access to the parade route is mostly cut off after 9 a.m., and it can be hard to park nearby. So if you need to drive there, come early.
  4. If you don’t feel up to walking the parade route, feel free to sit yourself by the route and enjoy. You can bring a lawn chair, many people do.
  5. We are printing a large number of half-page leaflets that we’ll be handing out along the parade. It will tell the time and place of our next 2 meetings, as well as honor our least-known ex-president, Eleanor Roosevelt.